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I have been dancing salsa all my life. (At least that’s what it seems.) I dance twice a week almost every week.

Among the popular Latin dances, salsa is easily my favorite. I like the energy and zest you can feel in the dance and the music. I once overheard a lady told her partner after a dance “you make me so happy!” That’s a pretty appropriate statement about salsa dance. Other than its entertainment value, salsa dance can also be a pretty intense exercise.

Just like anything else, learning salsa dance takes time. There is always a lot to improve on such as timing, rhythm, patterns, musicality, etc. Sometimes, it can be frustrating but I guess if something is so easy to learn, there is not much to it. However, a good thing about salsa dance is that you don’t have to know a lot to start enjoying. You learn the basics, and become better and better while enjoying dancing.

Since I really enjoy salsa and have been putting in so much effort, I decide that I might as well offer some classes to people who need help.

Another purpose of this site is to provide some useful information for salsa dancers such as places to dance when you are on the road. When I visited California a few months back, I found a few places to dance. However, while some of them were to my liking, others played Cumbia all night. I think it would be convenient to have information like this.

Victor Pan, Ph.D.

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