Latin Dance Clubs

Major Regular Latin Dance Events (or Latin Dance Clubs): Where to go to dance when you are out of town (or new in town)

Thank you for contributing to the list. Please include location, time, cover/parking charge, and dance style if possible. Preferably, the events should have plenty of people to dance with. No special or annual events please.

California, LA:
El Segundo Hacienda Hotel: every Friday and Sunday 9pm-12:30am (LA/NY style salsa) – Free (even parking is free!)
Georgia, Atlanta:
Fernbank Museum of Natural History: every third Friday 9pm-12:30am (LA/NY style salsa). $8 cover.
Maryland, Baltimore:
Horseshoe casino Maryland, Jonny Sanchez bar: every Sunday 10pm-2:00am (LA/NY style salsa). $10 cover including 1 free drink.
New York, New York:
Copacabana Times Square: every Tuesday and Friday 6pm-12:00am (LA/NY style salsa). No cover if registering as guest online and arriving before 10pm, $10-$15 otherwise. bottle water is $6. (** it ended up costing me $100+: $50 parking, $50 tolls, $20 water. so if you want to save money, don’t drive in NYC.)
Washington DC:
Havana club: $6 cover, very small floor. dancers arrive after 11. hard to find parking.
the Salsa Room, almost everyday: $10-20 depending on their mood, good place for practicing belly dancing! seems like body-roll is all they do there. the women will reject you if you do a few patterns. lol. 2 thumbs down.
Nevada, Las Vegas:
Gold Coast casino: live band every Saturday night. $10 cover including 1 free drink.
New Jersey, Atlantic City:
Tropicana casino: every Friday/Saturday 11pm-4:00am. $10/$20 cover. (went on a Friday: serious dancing prohibited)

If you know any regular events anywhere, free free to email me and I’ll add to the list. This can be helpful to those out-of-towners who want to dance. You can also simply add it as a comment below.

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  1. Can you tell me when the next 3rd Friday date for Atlanta, GA’s Fernbank Museum’s LA/NY style salsa? Today is May 25th.
    My email is posted below. Thanking you in advance.


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